Saturday, 19 February 2011

A new venue visited

After last Sundays disaster on the canal and discovering the last match fished on that stretch of the L&L canal was won with 7lb, I bottled it and decided not to enter the match. I feel I need to get some more experience and maybe go watch a match before entering one.
I recently got back in touch via Facebook with an old friend that I used to go fishing with when I was around 13. He still fishes quite a lot and and is a member of a private lake in Wymott so we decided to meet up for the first time in many years and spend the morning fishing.
Wymott is a small lake and the water levels where apparently quite high because last summer there was a few lily pads in the margins and running through the middle but today I couldn't see any. The only features to fish to were some over hanging trees so we set up either side of the tree below.

I set up a dibber float and was going to fish under the tree about 2/3 metres out. The wind was blowing pretty hard at times and made it quite tough, I should have been using a float with a tip so I could see bites a bit better, but I still did ok.
I started off by feeding a couple handfuls of 2mm carp feeder pellets and was feeding maggots little and often. I had red and bronze maggots and within a minute I had my first fish.

A tiny roach, I was catching pretty regularly for the next hour and half and by 10.00am I had about 12 fish all small but some nice mirror and common carp that in a few years will be very nice fish.

A few skimmers of a better stamp to the carp had started to come out but by 10.30am the bites had dried up so I tried corn on the hook hoping for a bigger carp or bream maybe? But to no avail so I went back on the maggot and the bites started again, a better skimmer and a few more carp.

We packed up around 12.30pm we both had around 25 fish each with the biggest being this barbel that my friend caught, about 10minutes after telling me there was some barbel in the lake and me explaining how I'd love to catch one as I've never caught a barbel! The lucky bugger!

So a good days winter fishing with plenty caught shame we couldn't get anything bigger out but I'm told there is some bigger fish in but only tend to come out to play in the summer, so roll on summer when there might be some lily pads and bigger fish to see!

The Maggot Dangler

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