Monday, 13 June 2011

A catch up!!

Sorry for my lack of postings but I have been fishing a few times and manage to fish one of my target venues, High Heyes.

I arrived at 10am and my friend had already set up on lake 2. There is three large lakes here and I liked the set up though there could be a few more lily pads (but I say that about most venues!!). I set up my feeder rod with a method feeder, I was using micro carp pellets with worm attractor mixed in and double red maggot on the hook.
I was targeting this island which was about 15m outs. I had a few knocks within 20mins of being in but nothing solid. But by 10.50am I had my first fish of the day and my first ever Ide. I was giddy at first when I thought I'd landed a monster roach but still a nice fish.
This line went quiet and at around 12.30pm I switched to the pole and fished close in, a line I'd been feeding maggots since I started. First put in got me this massive perch!

Soon after followed a nice perch and I was confident of more, but unfortunately I just had one more Ide back on the feeder late on.

While I enjoyed my day, the fishing wasn't great but I will try again.
I've also discovered a little gem called Stoats Hall. There is three small lakes and it seems to have a nice mix of fish. I've fished it twice both in the evening. The first time I fished paste and worm close in and had 2 tench(my first for the year), 3 small carp and a few chub and roach so I good evenings fishing. Especially pleased with my first tench and first ever fish on paste! I'm converted and will be experimenting with making my own paste very soon!!

The next time I fished Stoats Hall a week later was in a small knock up of 4. I finished with 7lb which after spending about 30mins tangled in weed after trying to fish too close to a snag (twice) I was quite happy with. Our knock up was won with 11lb so another fish or two and I might have won!! Really enjoy fishing here and will certainly be back!

Not sure when I'll be out next but have plenty of venues to try and fish to catch!!